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Alex Jacke- Apart


My Cover Of The Weeknd’s, “High For This”…Oldie But Goodie, Enjoy.

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alexjacke: Usher “Climax” Cover by Alex Jacke

Studio Life.
Gonna be a long night! Rehearsing for some big shows coming up! Details coming soon. Love y’all -AJ
Morning! Bout to cook some breakfast. Long day ahead, love y’all- AJ

Anonymous asked: I'm so excited that you've decided to follow me!! I'm usually overlooked by people as awesome as you are, so thank you :-)


Check out my New Single “Apart” On March 3rd, 2014…Can’t wait for ya’ll hear it!!! #alexjacke #newmusicmondays #newmusic
Happy Friday!!!
Omw to the money #studiolife

slowlygrowingfree asked: Your voice is amazing ! And you're beautiful 😘

Thank you so much!!! Did u download the whole EP??

Happy Monday
#tbt New Years, Good Times